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Health is more than the absence of disease, and care is more than the provision of diagnostic and treatment services. Comfort, confidence and communication contribute to improved outcomes and higher satisfaction, for both the patient and the doctor.

Family practice is based on relationships that count. Integrating knowledge and wisdom, nurtures important relationships and understands the needs of the whole patient improves healing process.

Docpta Medical Clinic consist of professionals and doctors with full on experience on helping patients that have been in car accidents, are looking for medical services or look forward to a better body, skin and healthier life. From physical therapy to blood test to laser hair removal, Docpta Medical Clinic has the best to offer.

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I was rear ended at a stoplight. I went to the hospital and they took some x-rays and said I was fine. They gave me some pain pills and told me that I should feel better within days. I waited a few weeks but the pain got worse.

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