About Us

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Docpta Medical Clinic was founded in 2003. Our vision was to create the finest medical clinic and spa in South Florida. As well, we established a modern look that would focus on the patients comfort and utilize the latest equipment. At Docpta Medical Clinic, the patients well-being and relaxation is our main priority.

The center was founded on the following core principles: to provide optimal patient care by ensuring all patients receive reliable, personal, excellent healthcare that is cost effective, to create and maintain a great working environment, and to continuously evaluate and improve every aspect of our practice to ensure that we excel in both patient care and employee satisfaction.

Declaration: Docpta Medical Clinic, Inc. provides healthcare services to residents of Miami- Dade County. The Docpta Medical Clinic Advantage Card Discount Plan Members receive substantial discounts on medical services provided. We are NOT A HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY or do not provide any kind of medical insurance policy coverage. Our members are responsible to pay for all healthcare services they receive from Clinic. Docpta Medical Clinic is NOT a Discount Medical Provider Organization (DMPO) and does not guarantee discounts with any other providers.