Discount Plans

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We offer three different discount plans which you can select according to your health and life style necessities.

Basic Plan
This brings you the elemental care. It Includes Complete Medical Examination, Urinalysis and CBC.
This means a total saving of $110.00 Additionally you get a 10 % off all other services.

Basic Plan Plus
This plan gives the effective prevention, reducing the risk of serious illness. Includes Basic Plan plus two important exams: PSA (Men) or Pap smear (woman).
The total saving is $145.00 with a 15 % off

Selective Care
Designed for human with special necessities and chronic diseases. This plan includes Basic Plan Plus and Electrocardiogram or simple x-rays depending of what you need.
Your total saving ascend to $ 190 .00 and to get a 20 % off