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Minor Surgery
Minor surgery requires a little local anesthetic to quickly and easily treat a number of conditions including: Moles, Skin Cysts, Lipoma (Fatty Growth), Skin Tags, Skin blemishes, in growing Toenails, Warts, and verrucae.

Aerosol therapy
Many patients are prescribed a nebulizers to administer their respiratory medications. The purpose of these is to turn the medicine into a breathable mist, which the patient then inhales passively for ten to twenty minutes. This extended, daily treatment method can be inconvenient for some patients, but there are many times when a nebulizers is the only method which the patient can receive the full dosage of his inhaled medication.

Intramuscular injections
Intramuscular (or IM) injection is the injection of a substance directly into a muscle. It is used for particular forms of medication that are administered in small amounts. Depending on the chemical properties of the drug, the medication may either be absorbed fairly quickly or more gradually.

Examples of medications that are sometimes administered intramuscularly are Prednisone, Penicillin, Vitamin B12, Sex hormone, and much more

Immunization, or immunisation, is the process by which an individual's immune system becomes fortified against an agent. It is done through various techniques, most commonly vaccination. Vaccines against microorganisms that cause diseases can prepare the body's immune system, thus helping to fight or prevent an infection.

Motor Vehicle Accident
Personal Injury Protection coverage (also known as PIP), not only covers reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses when an insured is involved in a covered loss, it can also help you with other expenses while you're healing. These vary state to state, but can include: Income continuation, loss of services, funeral expenses, child-care expenses.